College Football Viewing Guide For Championship Weekend!!!

Finals? Hungover? Papers due? Well none of that matters now, it’s championship week.

This week is going to determine the 4 teams that get put into the first ever college football playoff. Oregon has already punched their ticket with their decimation in the rematch against Arizona last night, so we’re down to 3 spots left to fill before the day is over. We’ve got anywhere from 6-9 teams who all have legitimate cases as to why they should be playing in the playoffs, but only 3 of those teams will please the committee enough to get the invitation. The great part is, they all play today, and everybody is vulnerable. So have the remote by your side, tell the girlfriend you can’t today, and get a good seat on the couch, because today is going to get WILD.


12:00- ABC

#3 TCU vs. IOWA ST.


This game is important for the horned frogs because they need to show that they can dominate Iowa St. They have to play maybe their best game of the season and any sign of weakness may lead to them being leapfrogged by kansas st. If TCU starts slow like they have a few times recently and fall behind, the Horned Frogs may be on the outside looking in to the playoff race.


3:30- Fox Sports 1

#20 Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma St.

A little appetizer before the bedlam that is about to ensue. Rivalry games are always fun so this will probably be a nice tasty treat before you tune into CBS at 4:00


4:00- CBS



Win and they’re in. Alabama had their mettle tested last week during the Iron Bowl, falling behind to Auburn and caused so serious doubt as to whether or not they could win that game. Then they took Auburn by the balls and tossed them aside in the 2nd half and dominated the game. Blake Simms was shaky last week and was almost replaced midway through the game. He can’t test fate again. This is going to be a good one, it always is.

7:45- ESPN

#6 Baylor vs #9 Kansas St.


This is a MUST WATCH. Baylor is making its final stand to prove that they should be in over TCU and a decisive win over Kansas st. could do that. On the other side, a big win by Kansas st and some anarchy in the top 10 could lead to some crazy things for the wildcats. Bryce Petty has been cleared to play so we’re going to get to see a game with A LOT of points. Kansas St has one of the best running backs in the nation in Shock Linwood and their passing attack is no slouch. Baylor has an offense for the ages, so if you like points, stay with this game.

8:00- ABC

#4 Florida St. vs. #11 Georgia Tech


This is where things get interesting. You’re probably going to turn to this game at the end of the first quarter between Baylor and Kansas St, and so you should at least watch this and gauge the feel of this one. Florida St hasn’t been tested yet this year, and Georgia Tech is sneaky one of the most dangerous teams in the nation. Florida St has been tested time and time again this year, so it’s up to you whether you think that they are overrated or just battle tested. We’ll certainly see in this one. Plus don’t overlook Tech in the playoff picture. A huge win and anarchy and the playoff committee may want to see the option attack in the playoffs.

8:17- FOX

#5 Ohio St vs #13 Wisconsin


Our boy Baca is heading down to Indy to see this one. Will Ohio St be able to prove that it is worthy of a playoff spot without  J.T. Barrett? Will Melvin Gordon rush for a bazillion yards? Will Baca streak on the field with written across his penis? These are all very legitimate questions. This game is going to be a great one to watch. Smashmouth Big 10 football. Have the clicker ready.

10:00- CBS

#22 Boise St vs. Fresno St

Midnight snack. Turn this one on after the Ohio St Wisconsin battle if you haven’t watched enough football all day. Love the Boise St Games, I’ll be watching from my couch in my college football/food coma.






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