Yankees Sign Left-Handed Reliever Andrew Miller

Boston Red Sox pitcher Andrew Miller walks back to the dugout after throwing a scoreless fifth inning against the New York Yankees in a Grapefruit League game at JetBlue Park at Fenway South in Fort Myers, Fla. on Sunday, March 3, 2013.

It’s official. The New York Yankees have signed left-handed reliever Andrew Miller to a four year, thirty-six million dollar contract. Bold, beautiful move here by Cashman. He wasn’t going to let a pitcher of Miller’s caliber fall to a team like the Astros. Miller is primarily a two ball pitcher with a fastball and a nasty slider. Last season, his strikeout-per-nine-innings ratio was an absurd 14.87. Also, last year with the Red Sox and O’s, Miller went 5-5 with a 2.02 ERA racking up 103 K in just 62.1 innings. Cashman knew there was a 4 year 40 mill offer on the table so he upped the Yankees offer from 32 mill to 36 mill and it got the job done. Besides the contract, Miller left his decision up to his prior experience and success in the AL East. He feels like he knows the players and the ballparks enough to continue his success. He’ll also slip into almost the same role as Betances with the chance to become possibly the team’s closer. I feel it should also be noted that Miller is 6-7 and a reminder that Betances is 6-8. What a duo we got in the Bronx. I don’t think anyone will ever hit late innings against the Yankees.

This deal could also be symbolic of leverage on Robertson. This could possibly light a fire under Robertson or it could be the signaling of a new direction for the Yankees. Cashman has also been quoted as being open to still possibly signing Robertson. The Yankees just aren’t ready to pounce on the 4 year 50 mill ‘Papelbon money’ that Robertson is looking for.

I forgot to mention it in the last blog but Adam Warren and David Phelps have both been informed to train as though they will be competing for the last rotation spot in Spring Training. Not much to do with that now, but it could become a more interesting development down the road depending on the remainder and capacity of the Yank signings to come this offseason.


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