Not Only Did the Yankees Receive a Shortstop, They Received an Artist


Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Yanks traded for a shortstop, but I didn’t realize Van Gogh was on the market/ alive. Are you kidding me? That thing is a masterpiece. Didi tweeted this one out there as sign of #RE2PECT for Captain. Certainly an invaluable asset, no doubt.
24-year-old, Curacao-born shortstop, Didi Gregorius has been acquired by the Yankees in a three team trade with the Diamondbacks and Tigers. In the trade, Arizona receives left-handed starting pitcher, Robbie Ray, and shortstop prospect, Domingo Leyba. The Yankees also sent Shane Green to Detroit. This one hit me hard. I was a big fan of Greene last year. Aside from being the quietest guy in the clubhouse, Greene went 5-4 in his stint in the Yankees depleted rotation while amassing a 3.78 ERA. Those are respectable numbers considering all the hitting there was last year. It was widely known that he was a replacement guy and this move makes sense and further perpetuates the idea that the Tigers are possibly considering trading away Rick Porcello to perhaps the Red Sox in a deal for Cespedes. We’ll have to wait and see. As for the Yanks rotation, this has to add credibility to the idea that they’re going to sign another starting pitcher. The only guys ready to go are Masahiro, CC, and Pineda. Nova won’t be back until at least May with Tommy John. The two easy options are Capuano and Kuroda. They aren’t the best options but they’re cheap and they would work in a rebuilding year. However, I like to think this adds credibility to Scherzer and McCarthy being on this team next season.
Let’s talk about Didi. They guy can speak four languages and in 191 career games he is a .243 hitter. There a certainly questions about his hitting, last year he hit .226 with 6 HR and 27 RBI in just 80 games. The real upside here is in his fielding abilities. The guy is a monster on the diamond with a huge range.
and this!
So, all in all, we got a guy. Didi Gregorius is the successor to the captain’s throne. Back a few year ago, Arizona GM Kevin Towers called him, “[a] young Derek Jeter.” Perfect.
Another beautiful art piece by Didi Monet:

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