New York Knickerbockers Lead The NBA In Highest Average Ticket Prices


We’re #1!!!! We’re #1!!!!!

At least we’re at the top of the NBA in something. This doesn’t come as a shock to anybody who lives in or around New York City or has ever tried to purchase tickets to a knicks game. It really might be one of the biggest ripoffs in sports. I really try to get to at least one Knicks game and one Rangers game per year, but James Dolan robs me BLIND if I try and get tickets. Hell, we’re $30 ahead of the second place team! In average tickets!!!! And if you’ve ever actually tried to buy tickets to a game you know that $130 is the lowest price you can get, and that would be for a Knicks 76ers game on a tuesday in January. If you tried to get tickets to a Knicks vs Cavs game lord help you. There’s a reason that you see more suits than jerseys at the games. It’s literally impossible for somebody like me to buy tickets. That’s why I don’t write about the Knicks, they don’t deserve my attention. They consistently put an inferior product on the court for the price of a ticket of an NBA Finals game. I know my teams suck, but don’t charge me up the asshole if I try and see them play.


BTW- Rangers tickets aren’t better, in fact they’re worse. I’m buying tickets to a Rangers Devils game for me and my girlfriend on the 27th and it’s going to cost me almost $300. Hopefully santa has good seats at the garden.


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