Jesse James Decker Is Trying To Defend Her Husband Again And Is Just Digging His Grave Deeper

Jessie James Decker — the country singer wife of Jets wide receiver Eric Decker — had no problems this week sharing that her husband was depressed with how his first season in New York has gone, and she certainly wasn’t going so sit back and let a former Jet criticize him.

The one-time reality television star appeared to shoot back at former Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards and others who have criticized Decker for signing with the Jets.

“So for all the people that have accused Eric of choosing money. You don’t know anything. He was never asked, called or offered anything from the Broncos! But we couldn’t be happier to be in NJ and NYC,” she posted on the social media website Instagram. “God has a plan for everything :))”


If I’m Eric Decker right now, I’m coming home from practice today, sitting Jesse James down at the kitchen table and telling her to please shut the fuck up. The guy is in the middle of the worst season of his career, he’s proving to be a crazy overpaid, overrated, useless wide receiver, and now his shokeshow wife is making him seem like the biggest pussy on the planet. I don’t know what her end game is, maybe she’s trying to get back in the news because her reality show got cancelled and she’s trying to get a new one, but what she sounds like is a mom who found out her son is getting bullied and marches down to the school and confronts the bullies herself. Listen, Jesse James, there is no way people are going to stop taking shots at Eric Decker until he starts catching footballs. Your man is making 7 mil a year and is dropping balls like an eighth grader. What he doesn’t need is his wife standing up and fighting his battles for him. It’s adding fuel to the fire. What the Jets need is to end this season as soon as possible. That means staying out of the news, and taking one final step into obscurity. I know, the access to the media in New York, but I consider myself an expert on how to handle the media in New York. Here’s rule number 1: If you’re husband is a shit Wide Receiver, shut the fuck up until he is either good again or is contract is up and he’s long gone. Ask Mrs. Jason Bay, she’ll let you know.

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