Baca wants to throw fists? Ok bro let’s go- a response-response blog

Mike Krzyzewski

I’m gunna take the high road. He’s right, I don’t go to Duke and I acknowledged that in the blog that I wrote. I go to Marist where our basketball team SUCKS so I decided to stick with the team that I rooted for my entire childhood. If I had gone to a school with a legitimate sports program I’d probably have hopped off the Duke bandwagon a few years ago, but I didn’t. I’ve been a Duke fan since I was in the 4th grade. I went down to Durham to play in Cameron at Duke Basketball camp, so calling me a front-running asshole is beyond wrong.

You’re completely contradicting yourself calling me a frontrunner if you’re saying Duke isn’t even good tomorrow. But I’ll let that go because you’re over there in Wisconsin taking shots at the king. Let’s forget the fact that Duke spent only 3 weeks outside the top 10 last week, other than that we’ve spent 130 weeks in the top 10 since 2007.

  • The Badgers have never been higher than a 2 seed in the NCAA tournament. Duke has held a 1 seed 13 times.
  • Duke has hap 9 National player of the year winner. NINE. How many have the badgers had Baca???
  • Duke currently has 20 player in the NBA. Wisconsin has….3, including household names like Jon Leuer and Greg Stiemsma.
  • Duke has had 39 All-Americans chosen 60 times. The Badgers? 5.
  • Duke has won 4 NCAA titles, and appeared in 10 Championship Games and 15 Final Fours, and has an NCAA-best .750 NCAA tournament winning percentage.
  • We’ve got the Cameron Crazies, you have a bunch of hicks from the outskirts of Wisconsin and one half italian half puerto rican kid sticking out like a sore thumb.
  • I know you gave me the fact that Coach K was a better coach but I’m just going to make sure that is engrained in your mind when Duke is winning by a million points tonight
  • 990–306 (.764), 917–247 (.788) at Duke. 82–26 in the NCAA tournament. That’s 4 times as many wins as Wisconsin has appearances. 4 National Titles,  11 Final Fours, 13 ACC Tournament Championships, 12 ACC Regular Season Championships, 3 time coach of the year, Hall of fame inductee who has also won 2 gold medals.

Read up Baca, it’s fun being good for 2 seasons, but have fun watching a real basketball team with real tradition and a real coach run train on your white boys from Wisco.



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