We’ve Got Rankings!


Oh boy oh boy.  It’s Tuesday night.  That means one things: College Football Playoff Rankings.  I love that they release the ranking on Tuesdays.  It gives you a little extra something to make it through the day.  On Mondays, you know you’ve got Monday Night Football.  On Tuesdays, you get angry at Condoleezza Rice for ranking College Football teams.

Here we are.  It’s December.  It’s conference championship week.  One last chance for teams to make a splash before bowl season and the College Football Playoff.

Breaking down the Top 10:

1. Alabama (11-1)

  • Easily the #1 team in the country.  Just absolutely flooded with talent.  Amari Cooper and T.J. Yeldon could start in the NFL next Sunday.  Oh and they have the best/most diabolical coach in the NCAA


2. Oregon (11-1)

  • Again, not much surprise here outside of Tallahassee, Florida.  Oregon is back as a legitimate National Championship threat (they’ll probably flop in the playoffs).  Sidenote: Oregon’s jerseys made my eyes vomit (Marcus Mariota’s impromptu Heisman pose made my eyes ejaculate)


3. TCU (10-1)

  • Tallahassee is mad about this one.  TCU leapfrogged the Florida State Seminoles to grab the third spot in the rankings. Honesty their resume speaks for itself.  Wins against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and Kansas State.  Their only loss was by 3 points at Baylor  They’ve looked impressive in every game this season.  I’m excited to see what they can do in the playoff.

4. Florida State (12-0)


  • I get it.  I get the argument that they should be #1 because they haven’t lost in two years.  I get the argument that they’re lucky to be in the top 4 because they’ve beaten absolutely nobody in that time span.  The way I see it, if this were still the BCS, they would be #2.  With there being a playoff system where the top 4 teams make it, the selection committee has a little more room to work with.  They can put them at #4 and not have to worry about rabid Seminoles complaining that they’re not in the playoff.

5. Ohio State (11-1)

  • Yeah, okay.  Ohio State is the fifth best team in the country.  Sure.  Watch Melvin Gordon run for infinity miles this week against them in the Big 10 Championship.

6. Baylor (10-1)

  • Well well well.  Look at the Big XII having two teams in the top 6.  Who would have thought that the Big XII would be the team in the best position to get two teams into the playoff.  This is a conference that has been nothing more than mediocre in recent years.  Middle American football is back (with the exception of University of Texas).

7. Arizona (10-2)

  • Arizona is in the best position of the two loss teams.  They have already beaten Oregon once, and if they can do it again this week they should be able to backdoor themselves into the playoff.  Sneaky sneaky.

8. Michigan State (10-2)

  • Michigan State is the first team without playoff chances.  Sitting at #8 and not playing in a conference championship this week, they’ll be on the outside looking in.  Their best case scenario is for Ohio State to make it into the playoff so that they can get the top Big 10 bowl bid.

9. Kansas state (9-2)

  • Why is Kansas State #9?  That’s a serious question.  Someone get back to me on this.  It’s a serious issue.

10. Mississippi State (10-2)

  • A loss to Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl drops the Bulldogs from #4 down to #10.  Love the cowbells.  They were an awesome surprise story this year, but their playoff hopes are dead.  It’s not all bad in Starkville, Mississippi though.  Egg Bowl uniforms were a 15 out of 10


11. Georgia Tech (10-2)

12. Ole Miss (9-3)

13. Wisconsin (10-2)

14. Georgia (9-3)

15. UCLA (9-3)

16. Missouri (10-2)

17. Arizona State (9-3)

18. Clemson (9-3)

19. Auburn (8-4)

20. Oklahoma (8-3)

21. Louisville (9-3)

22. Boise State (10-2)

23. Utah (8-4)

24. LSU (8-4)

25. USC (8-4)

Championship Week is next.  No one is safe.


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