The New York Football Giants Are Deceased.

Why God?! Why did you take them from us?! WHY

The New York Giants are dead. If they were alive they would’ve defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday
afternoon. A 21-3 lead, and they rolled over and DIED. THEY’RE DEAD.

Just completely ignored Odell Beckham in the second half. Our roster looks like a World War II infirmary. I have no explanation for what happened to this football team, other than this incredible analogy I just came up with. If the NFL let us forfeit all of our draft picks for the next five years and clone ODB 52 times and let him play all 22 positions on the football field I would take that deal in a second.

This Giants season is like a miserable relationship. Let me proceed:

Starting 0-2 — The awkward stage of a relationship. You’re both getting a feel for one another. It might not be going superb but it’s showing promise.

Three-game winning Streak, now 3-2 — See! You knew that was just a phase! Things are goin great. You’re makin each other laugh, you go on fun dates, have great sex, and that same time you’re doin’ you and they’re doin them.

SEVEN FUCKING GAME LOSING STREAK — The relationship is crumbling before your eyes. At first it’s a few small fights. You’ll get over it, right? Wrong. They’re doing everything that’s fucked up. And no matter how hard you try they’re just not doing it for you anymore. Try to find silver linings, but at the end of the day you’re miserable. It’s affecting every single aspect of your life now and it’s making you a fucking horrible and decrepit human being.

So that’s it. I’m breaking up with the Giants. Until August of next year where we immediately fall back in love with them and convince myself Elisha Manning will bring me a third Super Bowl.

This is how I feel about the Giants. (I’m Taylor and they’re the hot ass guy).

BTW — I’ve done multiple recaps/thoughts blogs on Tuesday’s regarding the Giants because I simply cannot handle it on Monday.


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