The Jets Don’t Even Deserve A Pissed Off Blog, But Here We Go….


We ran the ball 49 times. 49 FUCKING TIMES. This wasn’t Army vs. Navy in 1910, this was a game in 2014, when the game is so geared towards passing the ball that you have to be completely absent of a quarterback not to throw it at least 25 times.

People before this game, myself included, were talking about Geno Smith and how he needed to prove himself and the Jets were playing him to see what they could get. Apparently the Jets have seen everything they need to see. They could’ve trotted me out at QB last night and I could’ve done what Geno did. Sometimes I’m exaggerating when I say that but I 100% believe that if you gave me the game plan to throw the ball 8 fucking times before the final 2 minutes, I could do it. Literally ALL he had to do was hand off the ball. The furthest he threw the ball was on a corner route to Percy Harvin who was wide open in the 3rd Quarter and Geno overthrew him by at least 10 yards. Maybe I get a shot at the QB job next week?

This team is in absolute shambles. The Raiders lost 52-0 on Sunday and I still would’ve rather been a Raiders fan. We’re probably the worst team in the NFL and we’re still not bad enough to get the 1st pick in the draft. Absolutely pathetic. I’m ashamed to call myself a Jets fan. The fact that I watched every snap of that game last night kills me a little bit inside.

This was a shell of what a football game should look like. After watching a game like Packers and Patriots, this was the most disgusting display of football I’ve ever seen. There was no excitement to the game, no flow, no effort. The offense sucked, the defense sucked, the special teams sucked. But that’s just the Jets.

We Suck.

G. Smith 7/13 65 5.0 0 1 2-16 7.4 35.7



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