Eric Decker’s Apparently Depressed. Join The Club Buddy


Eric Decker isn’t in Denver anymore.

The Jets’ biggest free-agent acquisition has had a painful season due to a hamstring injury and the team’s pathetic quarterback situation. And his wife — country crooner Jessie James Decker — said it’s taking a toll on the receiver.

“It’s been a really hard season,” James Decker said in an interview on WPLJ, first obtained by TMZ.

“He’s been, I don’t want to say depressed, but he’s been depressed. He has been. It’s been really hard and my heart breaks for him. He loves football more than anything. He’s obsessed with football. This is his life and he loves it so much and it’s hard for him. He’s so talented and so good at what he does and he’s not really able to show his ability right now and he has a lot of doubters and that hurts him.”

James Decker’s comments were taped before the Jets’ latest loss, 16-13 to the Dolphins on Monday night, when quarterback Geno Smith attempted just 13 passes. Decker caught two of those for 18 yards, putting his season total at 49-531 with four touchdowns.


Oh cry me a god damn river Eric Decker. You came to the Jets on your own. You weren’t traded here, you knew what you signed up for. You signed a 5 year/ $36 million deal so rub some of your tears and blow your nose with some of that money. Seriously man cut me a fucking break. Oh, YOU’RE depressed??? Bro I’m going to be up until 4am every night for the next 3 weeks banging out papers for finals, you’re making $36 million guaranteed over the next 5 years and come january you have nothing to do but bang out this woman.

So seriously man, shut the fuck up about being depressed. You have to go to work for like 4 more weeks where you don’t even have to do anything and then you get to sit on a beach for 3 months having sex with Jesse James god damn Decker.

I just flat out don’t like Eric Decker. I think he’s an overrated receiver who we paid wayyyyyy to much money to come here when we could’ve traded up to get oh I don’t know, Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, or Odell Beckham Jr. He’s a whiney bitch who everybody except John Idzik knew was going to suck without Peyton Manning. So go take a bunch of Zoloft or Prozac or Abilify and shut up until next August. Stop being depressed pussy.


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