Jets vs Dolphins: We Aren’t Even Playing For Pride


There is nothing left to play for this season. There’s no play for Rex, everybody knows he’s gone. There’s no let’s find out who our quarterback is, we know we have zero legitimate QB’s on our roster. There’s no playing spoiler, because we know we aren’t going to win anyway. So why even watch the game? I have no god damn clue. I would much rather be sitting down and catching up on Serial, but instead I wrote a blog about the Jets so I’ve gotta watch for you people.

There would be no greater joy for me than to turn on the game tonight and see Woody’s stadium half empty. Sure, putting up billboards and flying planes over practice is fun, but what really will send a message to the higher ups with the Jets will be 30,000 empty seats on Monday Night Football. It would be embarrassing for Woody. All the work he does to get on the back page and gets the Jets all over ESPN, to have his stadium empty on national television would be the ultimate egg in his face.

Well, I guess here we go with the preview:

The Geno Smith Era-part II

Well here we go again.  The Dark Knight rises (is that rascist?). This is John Idzik’s last gasp. He put all of his eggs in Geno’s basket. Geno was supposed to be Idzik’s Russell Wilson (is that rascist?). So when Geno takes the field tonight, he’s playing for one man’s job, and it isn’t his own. And the thing that sucks is that he’ll probably play really well tonight. He’ll probably throw for over 200 yards, 2 touchdowns, he’ll convert a few big first downs, and everybody in Jets land will be all high and mighty on Geno again.

No Mo, Mo problems-

Mohammed Wilkerson was ruled out for this game with an ankle injury, so basically the one part of our defense that was doing something positive is now in shambles. Now Sheldon Richardson is going to be double teamed all night, Tannahill will have forever in the pocket and just tear apart our secondary.

How long until this game gets so uninteresting that Gruden just starts being Gruden-

We all know Jon Gruden is a weird dude. There just is something a little bit off about him. He just doesn’t tick right. So unless the game is super interesting and Gruden’s attention is on the field, he starts to do weird things. He starts touching Tricio all the time and just starts bringing up weird facts that just are completely irrelevant to what is going on in the field of play that he learned at a production meeting. “Hey Mike, so Rex told me the other day that he eats upwards of 60 grapes every single day. Amazing.“. So I’m just waiting on the point in the game where Mike and Jon start making smoothies,

How significant is this game? 

Wow, Odawg is that an actual question that would come in an actual football blog? Yes it is, and here’s why I’m putting it in. Right now the jets are 2-9. If we lose, and fall to 2-10 we will be tied for the 2nd pick in the draft, falling no further than 4th. However, if we win, then we fall down to as far as the 7th pick in the draft, and by that time Amari Cooper will most definitely be gone. I’m not saying I’m rooting for the Jets to lose, I never do that. I’m going to be as pissed as I always am when they do eventually lose, but I’m just saying that a win puts us further from Amari Cooper. And that guy is a BEAST.



Dolphins- 31

Jets- 17


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