House Of Cards Is Back For Season 3 on February 27th!!!!!


Frank Underwood is back, and ready to manipulate and scheme once again. Where will this series go??? The whole 1st and 2nd season were all about his ascent to the presidency, so this must mean that Season 3 is about is fall right? About everything in his life crashing down? But how does Frank Underwood let that happen? Answer: he doesn’t. He shuts people up one way or another and always gets what he wants. He’s the baddest man on television and the Emmy is Spacey’s to lose this year. I’m beyond pumped for season 3. If you think that I am doing anything except laying in my bed and watching 12 hours straight of HOC than you clearly know nothing about me and I have failed you as a blogger. If you haven’t seen seasons 1 and 2 somehow then I urge to to finish reading this blog, maybe read a few others and then switch to Netflix and start watching. It’s the best show currently on Television without a doubt. Nothing else even holds a candle to the power hungry trails and tribulations of Frank and Claire Underwood.



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