Does Jon Niese Really Think He Can Kick A 53 Yard Field Goal


Mets pitchers want to know: Can Jon Niese kick a 53-yard field goal?

Let me explain: There were some late-game heroics in the Georgia-Georgia Tech college football matchup Saturday afternoon, as Harrison Butker kicked a 53-yard field goal to send the game to overtime, during which the Yellow Jackets ultimately won.

Naturally, Mets pitcher Zack Wheeler, a Georgia native, was watching. And he was pretty impressed:


This is why the Mets are winning the World Series next year. The team chemistry is through the roof. Other guys over the offseason don’t really give a shit about the other guys on the roster, but this staff is a close knit group. Sure, one or two of them will probably be in a different jersey come opening day but that means nothing to me. All I see is 4 bro’s who happen to be filthy pitchers, who happen to be on the same team. New York Mets, 2015 World Champs.


BTW- Jon Niese would be the guy who thinks he can do all kinds of crazy shit that is just way out of his league. Especially after the whole thing about him cursing out Terry for giving him the hook in a game. Niese has an absurd amount of confidence. Who else would just flat out curse out their boss. Jon Niese, that’s who. Every group needs that one guy and Niese is the crazy absurd confidence one.

BTW II- He needs that confidence to land his smokeshow wife

BTW III- There are a surprising amount of funny gif’s involving Jon Niese









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