Blogger Power Rankings: Week 1


So I talked about doing this over Thanksgiving break. Every Monday I’m going to do a Power Rankings, ranking all of our bloggers each week and a link to their most viewed article of the week. These rankings are 100% objective, even though I’m writing them. Let’s see how this shakes out.

1) CollinMick: The Long Overdue and Highly Anticipated Yankees Blog (By a Yankees Fan)



Sure, he’s only written one blog post for us, but it just so happened to be the most viewed blog in the history of the site. Do I know how to find talent or do I know how to find talent? What’s he going to do for an encore? Anything less than the original might get him fired.

2) Groversteveland: The Blog Where Grover Defends America


Calling the boss out for being a communist was a ballsy move. I like balls. He’s also been getting lucky because of how well the Isles are doing. Pageviews for days. That won’t last long.

3) Odawg: Odawgs Emergency State of the Union, I am NOT a Communist


I push out more content here than anybody else so falling anywhere lower than the 3 hole would be appalling. The fact that I’m not throwing myself in the #1 spot every week shows just how objective I am. Also I’m an awesome blogger.

4) Bacaboom: O Holy College Football Saturday


Is there a reason Baca is 4th? Probably not, but I just can’t wait to get the text in the group chat saying how ridiculous the rankings are. I will give him credit, his Giants content is superb and he wrote a sick college football preview on Saturday. He’s on the rise.


Hopefully this brings out the best in my boys. Can’t wait to see what the rankings look like next week. Let me know if you like this idea, I’ll probably just keep doing it regardless.


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