Happy (belated) Thanksgiving From The Whole 1 minute Team

(Left to right) CollinMick, Groversteveland, BacaBoom and cha boy Odawg
(Left to right) CollinMick, Groversteveland, BacaBoom and cha boy Odawg

Hey guys, sorry for not blogging over the past few days. I hope you all had really great Thanksgivings and I hope you (like me) ate so much that you won’t get up off the couch until Christmas. We’ve been a blog for only about 6 months and we’ve already come so far because of you guys. The empire is expanding and it’s because of you people. The guys who check into the blog every day to see what idiotic things we did today. One day we’re doing our Rangers and Isles the next day I hold an emergency State of the Union regarding my communist affiliations. If you haven’t already followed our site please do, it will get this blog a lot better however the more followers we get. Comment more, we love reading your comments and it gives us a lot of stuff to talk about. Save us to your history, so you can check in on our site daily, or follow me on twitter @Trojan_Condon or @1minsportsblog  to see every time we post or tweet. I swear we’ll tweet back if you hit us up on the twitter sphere. Baca is @bacafl0ckaflame and Grover is @GroverSteveland, and our New Yankees and American League blogger CollinMick @the13collinies. Overall the message is I’m thankful for you guys because you give us a chance to do what we love, and thats ranting about how much our teams suck. We’ve discussed a lot of big things that we’re adding to the blog these last few days we’ve been together and we think you guys are going to like the new stuff we trying out. More content, more analysis, in less time, the 1 Minute Sports Blog NYC team is there to get you up to speed on your New York Sports (and Pop Culture) blogs. Keep reading or start reading, start commenting, keep commenting, follow us on twitter, we’re your guys. Screw SportsCenter, Deadspin, or Barstool. We’re better than them. We’re grass roots bitches and we’re in touch with the fan base. It’s time to put the pedal to the medal and finally start making some money off you suckers. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone, from all of us.



Youngbloods softball:







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