Who should be the Jets Quarterback come 2015


We know two things as Jets fans. One, Geno Smith is not the Jets franchise Quarterback. Two, Rex Ryan will not be the Jets coach next season.

Where does that leave us? Well, when you part ways with your coach (possibly your GM) and you have had two busts at franchise QB’s it usually means huge changes are coming. The most high profile of these changes will be the quarterback. At team can’t win without stability at the quarterback position, end of story. If you don’t think it’s a possibility that your guy will be your guy 5 years from now, you’re most likely left with a top 10 pick. So what does this mean for the Jets? Well it means that we need to start over at quarterback….again. But, how about we try something different this time. Instead of using a pick dreaming of what Winston or Mariota could be, why don’t we try to get a quarterback who would help us win now and we could build up an offensive line with our draft picks, or our secondary, or some weapons on offense, instead of taking this years most hyped up bust. So here are 5 guys I think the Jets could have at QB next year.

  1. Robert Griffin III-

RG III has all the potential in the world. Unlimited upside. He’ll never be healthy and whatever team he plays on has to realize that and have a viable option as a backup. But if you can get Griffin into the right system and get him back to his 2012 form when he won rookie of the year it would be heavenly.

Why he would be good for the Jets: Buy low, sell high. This move would likely not cost the Jets much and it would pretty much just be a one year tryout. If he works, great, we look like geniuses. If he doesn’t, well we probably aren’t going to be Super Bowl contenders next year anyway so worst case scenario we’re back here a year from now.

  2. Brian Hoyer-

The Browns have no interest in keeping Hoyer long term. He’s a solid quarterback who has earned the worst title that a quarterback can get in the NFL. Game Manager. But Hoyer is a free agent this offseason and he wants to go somewhere where he doesn’t have to look down the sideline and see Johnny Manziel every time he throws a pick.

Why he would be good for the Jets: A game manager is want the Jets need. Bad. We need a steady hand to guide the way for us until we get stability in this offense. We haven’t had a game manager we can trust since Pennington. I would love another Pennington. And Hoyer’s record as a starter in the NFL? 11-5. Sign me up.

   3. Sam Bradford- 

Another injury prone risk. Sam Bradford has all the tools to be a great quarterback but he hasn’t put together a full season since 2012. That year he threw for 3,700 yards/ 21: 11 TD to Int. ratio/ 60.0% completion. The next year he was off to the same start before blowing out his knee. But chronic knee problems are iffy so any team would be wise not to put all their eggs in Bradford’s basket. That’s what the Rams did, and now they’re looking for a new QB.

Why he would be good for the Jets: A combination of RG III and Brian Hoyer. He has almost as much upside as RG III, with just as much injury risk, but he also has the proven record that Hoyer has when healthy. He’d be a good gamble for the Jets, a relatively young Quarterback with “Franchise quarterback” as a possibility. Won’t cost much. I’m talking myself into Sam Bradford.

  4. Jay Cutler-  

I’ve always been much higher on Jay Cutler than other people. He gets a bad rap because people thinks he’s got this I don’t care attitude, but I see his play on the field. Yea he’s interception prone, but he can also win you a game. He can win you many games. He’s going to cost a lot, but he might just be worth it.

Why he would be good for the Jets: He’d be the best quarterback the Jets have had in a long, long time. He would be a lot like Brett Favre in his 1 year stint on Gang Green. A gunslinger who you’ll either love or hate. This is very unlikely to happen, especially with a new coach and GM probably coming in, but this would be the best move to make to win right now.

5. Marcus Mariota/ Jameis Winston

Neither of these guys is Andrew Luck. Not a sure thing at all, but they are two guys who have the tools to succeed at the next level. With Mariota you get an athlete who could run a high tempo offense perfectly. It may take him a while to learn to be a pro-style QB but I believe he can do that. Winston however is much more intriguing. He’s more talented then Mariota and is a much smarter quarterback. He’s a winner with a Heisman trophy, a national championship and does something every week that you haven’t seem before. However, he is also a certified moron. A simpleton, a fool, an idiot, a blockhead, a dunce, an ignoramus. He’s got a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He make stupid decision after stupid decision. He is going to get torn apart during the draft evaluation process by teams. But god damn can the guy play Quarterback.

Why they would be good for the Jets: A fresh start. A clean slate. Everybody loves a new quarterback. Everybody loves draft day when your team takes a guy and you dream of him leading you to a super bowl. It would be a statement by whoever is the new coach, saying this is the direction I want to go. Woody loves new Quarterbacks. It means Jersey’s, it means PSL’s. Could Mariota or Jameis win games? Who knows, they’ve never taken a snap in the NFL. Jameis could be a disaster off the field and a wizard on it. You never know with college quarterbacks. But that’s most of the fun.




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