The coach of the Soviets 1980 ‘Miracle on Ice’ team passes away at 84


MOSCOW — Viktor Tikhonov, the Soviet hockey coach whose teams won three Olympic gold medals but fell to the United States in the “Miracle on Ice,” died after a long illness. He was 84.

Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League said early Monday that Tikhonov died during the night. He had been receiving treatment at home for an undisclosed illness that had left him unable to walk in recent weeks.

“The entire global hockey community has lost a great coach,” Vladislav Tretiak, who played goalie for Tikhonov’s Soviet team and now heads the Russian Hockey Federation, told Russia’s R-Sport news agency.

“He devoted his entire life to hockey until the last second. Even when I was with him in hospital, we were discussing what needed to be done and how, in order to raise the Russian national team to the very highest level.”


“Hey Coxy, why’d you wanna play college hockey”

“Ain’t it obvious? For the girls”


All jokes aside this guy was arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time. He was something like 60-1 between the years of 1968-1980. Just utter domination. The soviet union was home to some of the best players and coaches in the world in this time and they don’t get enough credit because of that whole cold war thing. I’m not going to lie, the only reason I know who this dude is was because I’ve seen Miracle like 50 times and I just read up on him for like 10 minutes before I wrote this. But when you think of the ultimate winner, Viktor is your guy. Just look what he accomplished

BTW- Just reading up more and more on this guy, and he was AWESOME

Tikhonov was known for his dictatorial coaching style. He exercised nearly absolute control over his players’ lives. His teams practiced for 10 to 11 months a year, and were confined to barracks throughout that time. CSKA was literally part of the Soviet Army during the Soviet era, and Tikhonov was a general. Tikhonov’s fear of defections since the late 1980s was supposedly so great that he cut players when he thought they might

I would LOVE if the next coach of the Jets was a complete dictator. That’s what you need to win in sports, a guy who takes complete ownership of his players lives. RIP Viktor



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