I Have No Clue Who Kyle Seager Is But He’s Getting Paid 100 Mil. To Play Baseball

The Seattle Mariners and third baseman Kyle Seager have agreed to a seven-year, $100 million deal that includes an option for an eighth year, a league source confirmed to ESPN.com’s Jerry Crasnick.

I consider myself a knowledgeable baseball guy. I know a lot of players, who they play for, what their primary positions are. But up until a few minutes ago, I had legitimately never heard of Kyle Seager. Apparently he’s on the verge of making $100 million dollars over seven years. In the game of baseball. And I had absolutely no clue who he is. Is he any good?

2014 Season.268AVG 25HR 96RBI .334OBP .454SLUG

Career.262 BA 70HR 264RBI .328.OBP 429SLUG

Oh those are regular people numbers? Not $100 mil worth? Starting to make sense why I never heard of this guy… Even crazier? He’s 27. Been in the league for four years. Still never heard of him. Decent numbers, not $100 mil. worth. I’m so mindboggled right now.

Good for the guy though. Even better for his agent. Terrible for the Mets, seeing as to the fact they’ll have to pay upwards of a billiion dollars on decent players in the future just because of fucking Kyle Seager.


One thought on “I Have No Clue Who Kyle Seager Is But He’s Getting Paid 100 Mil. To Play Baseball

  1. Learn a bit about the MLB. Seager’s contract was of much better value than Sandoval’s, they’re roughly the same age, and he should age MUCH better than Panda does in Beantown, where he’s going to grow like Jack & the Beanstalk every year ’til they can put him at DH when Ortiz retires.

    Sounds like sour grapes from a fan of the city’s inferior team. Although, I root for the Cubs and they’re inferior as a franchise and still more popular, so I don’t know. Maybe you’re just under a rock, but Kyle Seager is a very good player who is a gold glove-caliber defender at 3B. The M’s will save around 30-40mil from his arbitration years, which he was just entering, should his ascent as he has developed continue (at such pace). Ergo: this is a good value, and a nice re-sign by the Mariners.

    Food for thought, though… Chase Headley has comparable career numbers to Seager to date, and is in the same age-range (despite being a little older, I *think*). Headley resigned w/ NYY cheap, or cheaper than what Seager and/or Sandoval commanded…. and for what it’s worth, I like Seager for 100mil/7 more than I like Panda for 95mil/4(or 5?)….. Also- Seager has an option, though I am not positive if it i an 8th year, or the option is in fact the 7th year of his deal- and it is worth 20-24mil I believe, around 22mil I think I read. Team option.

    This is still a good rate given the going rate for power-hitting/gold glove players in the post-steroid era. If he falls off like Headley did after his 35HR season, then maybe this will be way off in 2 years- let alone 7+…..
    But Seager has consistently, and slowly improved over the past 3 seasons without any real means for regression, and if what we see is what we get, with a little power upside in there (since I think it is fair to assume he could turn some doubles into home runs, and singles into doubles next year- etc. etc…… but his glove is a legit GG at the hot corner, as good/better than Headley and definitely Sandoval’s too).

    If you want to complain about the Mets being blocked, bring up Sandoval’s albatross. I’m sorry to let you know/inform you, but this is simply the going market and rate for players who fall into that top-5/10 range at a corner IF position, and the gold glove defense really can pump the dollar figure up. Adrian Beltre was paid for his defense in SEA more or less…. he didn’t do much hitting during that portion of his career. Seager can defend and hit at Safeco… I think he was a nice lockup through arbitration years.

    And you may want to inform yourself on the fact that he (Kyle) has a brother in the minors who is a top prospect: Corey Seager, of the LAD, who is considered 1 or 2 in their system (#1 offensive prospect, or #2 depending on who you ask- to those who like Joc Pederson more because he is ready for the show right now– and the only prospect in general who may rank higher is their young 17/18yr old SP Henry U.)

    Corey has more upside than Kyle had coming up tenfold, and if he follows through on it (especially in a big market like the Dodgers’ is becoming, or *has been* and is becoming EVEN BIGGER more so now than ever), he’s going to be one of these players who could make 150mil when comes time for HIS payday….

    Get used to it man. Finances in baseball fluctuate….Zach Duke is worth $5mil per for 3 seasons guaranteed, for christ sake! (15mil/3yr) ….not to say the market is right, but it kind of sets and dictates itself as things go along. Also, the Mets signing Cuddyer was a nice get for them and he took less to accept their contract than go back to COL on their 1year tender….

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