T.Y. Hilton scores a touchdown for his newborn daughter and breaks down on camera after the game


Thank god for this story. With all the sports news surrounding people like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and other athletes who do nothing but give athletes a bad reputation, it’s refreshing to see something like this. We needed this kind of story. I’m so happy for T.Y., he got to see his daughter born at 5am this morning, promised to score her a touchdown and delivered. Sports needs more stories like this. ESPN fetishizes these stories about the bad side  of sports, and we never are able to see stories about the good in people. In a ratings driven world television never sheds light on the good side of the world so seeing a good person like T.Y. get this attention is great

So since my stupid website only picks and chooses which videos it wants to support I have to just give the link to the interview here. I sincerely apologize. totally worth the view though.




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