John Stewart goes on the Colbert Report and it might be the funniest interview I’ve ever seen


 Stewart vs. Colbert
Stewart vs. Colbert

Variety– Jon Stewart — the host of, in Stephen Colbert’s words, the liberal, elitist “Daily Show” — appeared on “The Colbert Report” Thursday night for the first time as an interview guest.

Stewart was promoting his film “Rosewater,” which Colbert described as being so beautiful it “offends” him. With Colbert winding down his Comedy Central days, the two traded quips about each other’s shows, with Stewart pointing out that Colbert’s gag of taking all of the applause when announcing a guest might not be very sustainable.

Here’s a link to the interview because my crappy ass blog site technology doesn’t support video sometimes


I love the Daily show and think that Stephen Colbert is one of the funniest men on television. And Jon Stewart, being Stephens’s “Nemesis” over the past 8 years went on to produce some really, really good television and they made for the funniest hour of TV every weeknight. Better than Letterman,(I think Colbert is gunna kill that show once he gets it) Conan sucks and is on TBS, Jimmy Fallon is really funny but his shtick gets old after a little while, and Kimmel who, over the past few months has been throwing out some straight fire shows. His “Celebrity’s read mean Tweets” is genius and has become a huge hit with people everywhere. They went viral and millions of people are watching. But the Late night race is going to get a lot more competitive once Colbert gets Letterman’s spot. Stewart is always going to get his ratings no matter what he does. But the battle between Colbert, Fallon and Kimmel on at 11:35 is going to be sick.



BTW–The Daily Show and Colbert Report and have been my entire source of news in the past 5 or six years, so I’m kinda screwed by Colbert leaving. Jon Stewart sorta does his whole Mike Francesa thing where he only talks about what he wants to talk about and takes 2-4 week vacations all of time so I’m always left with re-runs and stuck with news from like 2 months ago. I only found out Ebola last week (Bum dum tsssss).


Some of the best Stewart and Colbert television together:

(throw in a little conan)

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