It’s official, Odawgs back on Team Swift


Is she annoying? Yes. Does it piss me off that she’s lived in New York for a month and thinks she was born here?. Absolutely.Does every word she say make me want to punch her in her adorkable face? 100%.

But damn if that girl can’t make a catchy tune.

Throughout all of high school I was team Taylor all the way to the graveyard. Loved the “classics” and then Red just blew me out of the water. We are never getting back together was my ringtone for a while, and hell if that wasn’t the most embarrassing thing in the world every time I got a phone call in public.

But then something happened. I don’t know what it was and I can’t put my finger on it, but after listening to I knew you were trouble for the gazillionth time, I just sorta got sick of her. I started to hate her whiny lyrics, I hated her pop/country mix and I hated the whole innocent little girl shtick that she was throwing at everybody. So when her and Katy Perry (Who I still believe is 1,000X hotter) started their feud and I was forced to pick a side, I chose team Perry. It was tough. I felt like I betrayed Taylor, but in time I just started to hate her more and more. It probably peaked about a month ago when she decided out of the blue that she wanted to come ruin New York City for everyone. I refused to like Shake it off, although it just beat me down with how catchy it was. I’m not even kidding, that may be the catchiest song of all time.

Then came last night. I was having my Bi-yearly end of the semester freakout where I am locked in my room with ons and tons of work to do and my only escape is through blasting music so loud I can’t think about how much I want to jump out my window. Shake it off came on at my lowest point. I’m not proud of it. It’s like I was the drunk chick at a bar and Taylor Swift saw me and took advantage of me. My roommate told me to listen to Blank Space and I did. Loved it. I listened to Welcome to New York after that and before I knew it I was 20 songs deep into T-Swift with no end in sight. It’s like a recovering alcoholic who does that one beer bong rip, and next thing he knows he streaking through the quad and into the gymnasium

Taylor Swift did this to me once before and I know that it’s going to be a long time before I can hate her again. I know that I should and I know that I want to but I just can’t do it. Now I have to start defending her again, calling her a “genius” saying her music is amazing because you don’t have to think while you’re listening to it. I’m just recycling the same old bullshit that I was saying Junior and Senior year of high school. I’m a stage 1 Taylor-holic, and it feels so good.

(this isn’t the actual music video, but it matches up perfectly to a 1980’s aerobics work out video. Eerily similar…..)




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