The Bills are looking for people to help shovel snow out of their stadium. That could be YOU!!!


The Bills are still hoping to play the Jets at home Sunday.

But they’re going to need help.

According to Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, the team is putting out the call for snow shovelers, to help dig Ralph Wilson Stadium out from under the four feet of snow that has fallen and that which is on the way.

They’re offering $10 an hour, plus tickets to the game. Interested parties (slash insane people with strong backs) are asked to call 716-636-4840.

They’re hoping to find 500 shovelers, working triple shifts, to uncover the place for the 1 p.m. Sunday kickoff.

Of course, the problem might be finding 500 people in Buffalo who can move right now.


Sign me the fuck up. $10 an hour AND tickets to the game. That’s much better than what the cheap bastards around my block back home would give me to shovel their sidewalks and shit. Is it going to be cold as fuck and are the Jets probably going to lose? Yea sure, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime to go eat wings up in Buffalo, take the 1 hour trip to Canada and get absolutely bombed the night before. Tailgate before the game and come back to Marist $150 richer or so. Am I actually going to do this? No. Is it awesome to think about in theory? Yes. I don’t handle the cold super well. It was like 24 last night here and I was convinced it was the end of days. It was low 30s this morning and when I came back from my 8am I took a 40-minute shower because I was petrified of how cold I’d be the second I stepped out. So maybe I personally am not meant to take a road trip up to Buffalo. My fate lays here behind a computer screen giving you guys the opportunity of a lifetime. So if you do decide to venture up to Buffalo to help the cause, think of me when you chow down on some wings.


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