Malice at the Palice: The 10 Year Reunion


Hey, remember that time Ron Artest went into the Stands and fought a bunch of fans? That was awesome.

I can’t believe that I was 9 years old when this happened. I don’t even remember watching this live because I wasn’t allowed to. I was 9, I had a fucking bedtime. Meta World Peace was still a really good basketball player and he was also named Ron Artest. This was a truly unique sports moment. I can’t think of anything, before that or since that has been anything like this. Obviously  something like this could never happen today. You pretty much have the national guard at the sideline of every game ready to catch somebody who hops on the field or on the court. And one thing that I don’t understand is how the hell Ron Artest was still allowed to ever suit up for another NBA game again. You’ve got guys getting fined for flopping, how in gods green earth was Ron Artest not banned for life for literally climbing into the stands and fighting fans and players. This was just pure anarchy. I’ve watched the youtube video upwards of 100 times but I’ll never forgive my parents for making me go to sleep that night before the malice at the palice.


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