Sandy’s prepping us for the ultimate letdown: Wilmer Flores will probably be our Shortstop come April


PHOENIX — In what he deemed a “limited” shortstop market, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said the worst-case scenario isn’t so bad.

“I know there are fans out there that don’t want to hear it,” Alderson said Wednesday at the General Managers’ meetings. “But if we had to go into the season with [Wilmer] Flores as our shortstop, I’m certainly not in a panic mode at that point.”

But the Mets are turning over every cactus this week in search of an alternative.


Well shit, we had a good run didn’t we? Monday at 3:30 I believe it was, I kinda actually thought we were gonna start making moves and start trying to win. But then I guess I forgot, this is the Mets.

Sandy dangles Tulowitzki in our faces like a twinkie, he threw Castro’s name around and then talked pretty damn seriously about Alexi Ramirez. But we should’ve seen through it. Wilmer was our Shortstop all along. For some god forsaken reason, Sandy has the worlds biggest boner for Rafael Montero and Noah Syndergaard. These guys are not that good. Montero has been touched up for home runs every time he got a shot last season to start. And Syndergaard? Our longtime raved about prospect? He was supposed to compete for a spot in the rotation out of camp last year. Then he got passed by Mejia. Then he got passed by deGrom. Then he got passed by Montero, and eventually, he never made it out of triple-AAA. Syndergaard is nothing more than an overhyped prospect and we need to move him before the rest of the league figures that out. Until then, I guess Wilmer Flores is our shortstop


BTW- No shit the fans don’t want to hear it Sandy. We fucking hate Wilmer Flores. Combine that with the fact that we’ve been dreaming of a better shortstop for the last week and yeah, we’re a little pissed.


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