All Aboard! The Mets Bandwagon Is Leaving Now


Order the rings. Set up the parade. The Mets are ready to win.

My day got infinitely amazing once I got the notification saying the Mets signed Michael Cuddeyer. I thought the price tag would be way to high and that Sandy wouldn’t want to give up a pick. Boy was I wrong. They sign Cuddeyer for a bargain price of 2 years/21 million. He’s only making 8.5 mil the first year so that means we can keep on spending. And then, oh boy, I see the name Troy Tulowitzki being thrown around and I almost passed out of y seat in the middle of class. The Mets mean BUSINESS, and if they can land Tulo…Wow.


Projected lineup with Tulowitzki:

  1. Troy Tulowitzki. SS.
  2. Curtis Granderson. RF.
  3. Michael Cuddeyer. LF.
  4. Lucas Duda. 1B.
  5. Daniel Murphy. (If he isn’t dealt this offseason) 2B.
  6. David Wright. 3B.
  7. Juan Lagares. CF.
  8. Travis d’arnuad. C.
  9. Matt Harvey. P.

Your 2015 World Champion New York Mets Everybody


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