I’m LOVING the Jets Fans calling for Idzik’s head. Now we’re flying planes over practice!!! I love being a Jets fan

The embattled general manager stood on the sideline as the plane flew overheard. He chatted with beleaguered coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson as the players went about routine drills during the 30-minute window open to the media.

Afterward, Ryan recognized the frustration of the fan base, which is suffering through a 1-8 season, but he called it an inappropriate gesture.

“They’ve got a right [to express themselves], but I just think that when you look at the big picture, this isn’t about one man falling short,” Ryan said. “That’s not it. We’re 1-8 collectively. Trust me, we don’t like it. That’s how I feel. I don’t understand this part of it, I really don’t.”

Quarterback Michael Vick called it a distraction, saying the plane was “annoying.” Guard Willie Colon said it was “disheartening,” adding that the collective reaction among the players was, “Wow.”

“I’ve never witnessed anything like that,” Colon said. “It kind of threw me for a shock. At the end of the day, John is part of this family. … All we can do is support him and rally around him.”

The plane circled at least a dozen times before making a final pass directly over the field. The brain trust pretended not to notice, but there’s no way it could have missed it.


Oh really? It’s a distraction? You don’t like it when the fans do this? You think this shouldn’t happen? Well I have a real simple solution for you guys. Win some god damn football games.

We’re pissed off. We’ve had enough. Sure, I wasn’t the person who flew this banner, but I completely understand it and I am SO pumped that whoever did it decided to do it. At first I thought it was those guys over at firejohnidzik.com, and then they tweeted out this:

I’m loving all of this. This is what I believe fans should do when an organization continualy screws them again and again and again. They hike up ticket prices while signing guys who didn’t even play division 1 college football. They have $20,000,000 in free cap space and have done nothing but sit on it like a bunch of cheap pieces of shit. Idzik continues to think that he knows what he’s doing because he worked for the Seahawks last year when they won it. I was on two Rec League championship teams in my younger years and I mostly just sat on the bench and didn’t touch the ball. I don’t have this inane belief that I could lead an NBA team to a title. Idzik is straight up clueless and I get more and more pissed off every word that I write. This season is about Jets fans coming together and showing Woody Johnson that we aren’t going to take any of his shit no more. It’s time to clean house. Not trim the fat, full on liposuction.

It pisses me off to no extent that the players are getting angry at this. It’s like they have no fucking clue who watches their games and they have no self awareness of why in hell the fans are mad. It’s because you FUCKING SUCK. All of you. You are not allowed to talk shit about the fans until you play a game that is relatively  competitive. I was more entertained watching Mark Sanchez on Sunday than watching these clowns try and hump a football. Start doing something that makes us want to pay attention to you and then mayyyybe then this kind of stuff will stop. Idzik represents the Jets. The Jets fucking suck. We have a right to say that so shut your fucking mouth Willie Colon.


BTW- I am convinced that John Idzik and Woody Johnson are collaborating in bringing the team down like in Major League 1. I’m still not sure yet what their motive may be as of yet, but until I find out:


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