Francesa vs. Kay: The Greatest Rivalry in sports

Michael Kay went on this huuuuuge rant today about Francesa and I couldn’t be more pumped. I HATE Kay and I LOVE Francesa, and this has the possibility to be one hell of a fight. New York has slowly been seeing dwindling rivalries in every sport. Yankees/Red Sox isn’t what it used to be, the Jets are nowhere near good enough to have a rival.The last time Mets/Phillies or Mets/Braves was relevant was 2008. Rangers/Islanders has the potential to become the best rivalry this town has seen in a while, but that will really only be limited to the hockey community and that won’t capture the whole city. Do the Knicks even have a rival? I don’t think that’s a thing in the NBA. So when Michael Kay came out swinging today and fired shots at the King of talk radio, saying the his infamous in-studio interview with A-Rod where Rodriguez veamintly denied PED use, as the reason Francesa was taken off the YES simulcast.

I’ll give a quick recap of this feud for those who aren’t familiar:

  • Mike Francesa is the Ron Burgundy of talk radio in New York. He’s been dominating the ratings for 28 years and does virtually whatever he wants with zero consequences. He’s 100% the reason I want to get into radio.
  • Michael Kay is the Wes Mantooth of talk radio in New York. He burst onto the scene as the Yankees play-by-play announcer and has become the voice of ESPN’s New York talk radio. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is talented, but he’s no Francesa even though  he DESPERATLY wants to be. He can’t stand that Francesa consistently beats him in the ratings without even trying. So, what he end up doing is reverting to bratty moves like this where he takes shots at Francesa for no reason other than to get attention and a few more listeners.
  • Francesa had his show simulcasted on YES since 2008. However, last year because of a variety of disputes with the higher ups at YES, Francesa and YES parted ways and Kay’s show took over Francesa’s spot. Francesa’s show now airs on Fox Sports 1.
  • In Kay’s first televised show, he pulled his first of many petty and ridiculous moves to try and get attention when he poured a bottle of Diet Coke (the drink Francesa ALWAYS has next to him) into the trash. Kay was widely criticized and got a warning from YES to not pull something like that again. Kay got all butt hurt because he’s basically a 15 year old girl.
  • Francesa’s mostly been quiet about this feud, basically saying Kay is a clown and doesn’t know what he’s talking about


Ok so everybody’s caught up now.

This is going to be soooooo much fun. Golden age of sports talk radio taking place right before our very eyes. This is going to bring out the best in the both of these guys and I can’t wait to listen. Maybe Mike will cancel his next 7 week vacation until this whole thing simmers down. I’m just pumped because maybe, just maybe this will get Francesa to start trying again. When Mike gets passionate about something, it’s the best radio there is. Most recently he had his rant about the Jets that was just pure gold.

These two are playing for keeps and it’s awesome. Sure, there are some people that aren’t sports talk radio nerds like Me, Baca, and Grover, but even if you hate radio, this is going to be the best rivalry in sports. 5 hours a day at the same time on 2 different stations and 2 different simulcasts. These are two guys who despiiiiise each other and want nothing more than for the other one to get off the radio. This is for the real trophy: The King of talk radio in NYC

Diet Coke up Francesa, you’re playing for keeps.


BTW- I forgot to mention, Michael Kay ALWAYS brings up when Francesa falls asleep on air. Although I do agree it is hilarious


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