Cancel the Season

eli face 2

Well it was a good run. They tricked us, those Giants. They convinced us that they were for real after reeling off three straight wins.

But here we are, getting embarrassed again in front of the nation, yet again. Our offensive line is porous. Andre Williams isn’t ready to be a starting running back yet. The defense sucks. Doesn’t help 3 of our top 5 cornerbacks are out. The linebacking crew is still disastrous, which is absurd because that’s been the weakness for what feels like a decade.

defense in freefall

We’ve got receivers dropping balls everywhere (Sidenote: Preston Parker, get the FUCK off my team). Interceptions dropped, fumbles lost. What a debacle.

Don’t you dare blame this on Eli Manning. He has nobody. Other than Odell Beckham Jr., who’s going to be a stud one day, nobody in this Giants receiving corp is coordinated or can competently do their job.

Apparently Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith were debating whether this is Tom Coughlin’s fault. Bullshit. Two names: Perry Fewell (although execution was the problem last night, not the plan), and Jerry Reese, who won’t get fired even though the defense he’s trotted out the past couple years is a fireable offense.

Season’s in shambles. Utter disarray. Help. SOS.


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