Let’s Go Win A Football Game

Been a long, hard 15 days with New York Giant football, but it’s back. The pain and confusion and utter disarray is back. At least, that was the old Giants. Tom Coughlin coming off a bye is beast mode*. Preparations through the ceiling, fresh players and Andy Luck has no idea what’s in for him. Perry Fewell (always shocks me his defense won a Super Bowl, absolutely blows my mind) is gonna have a fresh JPP to unleash right into the Caveman’s face. The Colts are gonna have a rude awakening leaving their comfy dome into the howling winds of the Meadowlands.


The Giants need Andre Williams and the offensive line to establish the run game effectively and early. If they do, I honestly believe the Giants can win tonight pretty handily. Yeah, Luck is a animal decent quarterback, but the rest of the Colts? Pretty blah.

AW beast mode

Interesting angle: Homecoming for Ahmad Bradshaw. Always loved him and the spike TD celebration.

PREDICTION: Giants 27, Colts 17.


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