What Did You See When You Woke Up This Morning? That’s Right, ORANGE AND BLUE SKIES BABAY

That’s damn right. Orange and blue skies abound on this fine, October 29th morning. The commencement of the 2014-2015 New York Knickerbockers season. I for one, am optimistic yet skeptical. Let’s break it down 1minute style:


3 to the dome melo
Hail to the motherfucking King. Your team. Your town. Let’s go.

“Oh hey there Comeback Player of the Year Award, didn’t see ya there, must’ve been too busy taking my wine baths.”

amare wine


Solidifies himself as a premiere 2-guard in the Association.

shump hair

Hardaway Jr.:

MVP of the Rookie-Sophomore Game during All-Star Week.


J.R. Smith:

Tricks everyone into being declared mentally incapable of being a fully functional human being. Then, ties everyone’s shoes and shoots mad fadeaways causing Knick’s fans to throw their own shoes at television screens.

Samuel Dalembert:

dalembert confused
I have no idea what I’m doing



My absolute favorite Knick. So old. So wiry. So Spanish.


Can’t believe we’re gonna have to somehow get through part of this year without Dre:

Had to find the R Kelly version. The fact he was that unathletic on that play is one of the world’s finest myseteries

Jose Calderon goes infinity for infinity from the free throw line this season:

Hey there Coach of the Year:

d fish swag

And remember, He’s always watching. We’re in good hands.

phil jackson zen master


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