Knicks 2015 Season Preview

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at New York Knicks


It’s been a bit of a civil war here at 1minute these past few months.  After the Mets’ season ended, we’ve been clashing.  Jets vs Giants.  Islanders vs Rangers.  But if there’s one thing we cal all agree upon as New York sports fans, it is the New York Knickerbocker Basketball Club.

Last year was bad.  Really bad.  The Knicks showed no life all season.  But hey, this guy isn’t our coach anymore:


No more iso Melo, fifteen jab steps, and a terrible shot.  Because now the Zen Master himself, Phil Jackson is back in New York to coach the Knicks.  “Hey, Grover.  You’re an idiot.  Derek Fisher is the coach of the Knicks!”  Wrong.  Infinity times wrong.  Derek Fisher is a puppet.  If you believe Fisher is the coach you probably also believe that Ebola is real.  Phil is 100% the coach of this team, he just signed on as president so he can pull the strings without having to travel with the team.  If you believe Fish has any input on the team, I have a bridge to sell you.

This offseason was addition by subtraction.  Woodson is out.  Felton is out.  Melo went #NoCarbSummer


Melo is the established star of this team.  He is the biggest name in New York sports.  He just got payed a trillion dollars to hold down the Garden for the next few years.


JR Smith has to go back to being JR Swish and winning 6th Man of the Year instead of being an IDIOT and shooting 0% from the floor/untying peoples shoes.


Iman Shumpert has to stay consistent.  There is no doubt that he has the talent to be a premier guard in the Association.  (He also needs to release a new mixtape)

NCAA Basketball: Stetson at Miami

My guy this year is Shane Larkin.  That’s right.  Barry Larkin’s baby boy.  I was PUMPED when the Knicks got him from the Mavs.  I remember watching him play at Miami in the ACC tournament two years ago.  He tore defenses up.  Dude can straight up ball.  I wanted the Knicks to take him in the draft but he was off the board before the Knicks got a chance to take him.  Watch out for him this season.

Realistic prediction:  With how weak the East is, there is absolutely no reason why the Knicks shouldn’t make the playoffs.  Miami is a shell of itself without Bron Bron, and I don’t even think Indiana still has a basketball team.  Knicks should probably grab a 5-8 seed and maybe make some noise in the playoffs if they get hot (lol jk 82-0 NBA Champs 2015 baby).

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