Happy Weekend: 10 Things

Oh yeah. Weekend time. Had a long week? Those midterms sucked? Well they did for me at least. Time to get weird.

A few things:

1) Minimal Giants coverage this week. My bad. This was a rough week for cha boy. But we’re through it. Next week I’m gonna devote a lot of time breaking down the G-Men’s first half performance throughout the bye week.

2) Bye week blows. Can’t stand it. Always sucks not havin a dog in the fight.

3) People always asked me, “Why are you going so far away to school?” Ebola. That’s why. Can’t get Ebola in the Midwest and that’s a fact.

4) This whole Islanders are better than Rangers talk is blasphemy. At least right now. Time will tell, but a game up 8 games into the season doesn’t make anyone “better”.

5) Terry Collins will manage the Mets next season. Deal with it.

6) Mets still going undefeated next season.

7) San Fran Giants are gonna take both games at home and control the series. Tough to realize they actually built a dynasty.

8) Knicks start next week. Not sure how I feel bout it. Obviously I’m excited, but this season has potential disaster written all over it in my mind.

9) If I see one more retweet of “Blake Lively looks better pregnant than I do regular” I’m gonna buy a balloon and stick it under my shirt so that way chicks actually look at me.




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