JFK Airport is looking for Ebola screeners…and paying them $19 an hour! I’m in.

NY Post-They’re looking for the few, the proud — and the really desperate.

For a measly $19 an hour, a government contractor is offering applicants the opportunity to get up close and personal with potential Ebola patients at JFK Airport — including taking their temperatures.

Angel Staffing Inc. is hiring brave souls with basic EMT or paramedic training to assist Customs and Border Protection officers and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in identifying possible victims at Terminal 4, where amped-up Ebola screening started on Saturday.

EMTs will earn just $19 an hour, while paramedics will pocket $29. Everyone must be registered with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.


What do you mean a measly $19 an hour? Do you know what I’d do right now for a job that would pay me $19 per hour? I do some crazy shit. Hell, this is like a situation when you’re sitting around with you’re friends and playing a game of how much money would it take for you to _______. If the question was how much would it take you to take a sick dude’s temperature? I’m saying $12-13 an hour. 19 bucks per hour is a freakin goldmine. I’m making minimum like 400 dollars a week. That’s fucking AWESOME. Every kid I go to school with would take that deal in a second. One week pays a bar tab for a month. So that’s what these people should do, just go to colleges and throw some cash at the kids and they will jump on board instantly. Nobody really cares about college kids anyway.


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