Shump tries to tickle the funny bone on Kimmel last night

Very funny sketch. Kimmel himself is kind of an idiot who really isn’t that funny at all, but it’s the sketches from his show that really make it worth watching.

I’m impressed with Shump here. Obviously he wasn’t a key player in the sketch but he held his own with the other guys. Blake Griffin is out of this world funny and Matt Barnes (former Knick) also chimes in with a solid line or 2.

I think Iman has what it takes to be one of these really funny athletes, but you really only get the chance when you start plaing well. Overall, I’m happy for Iman, something we really haven’t seen much of him do, unless you saw the video of Iman singing “happy” during Melo’s post game interview. Plus, what might get lost in this is that it was live. That takes balls to do. It’s easy to do a prerecorded sketch, but going on National TV and doing a live sketch is asking for trouble, but shump killed it.


Blake Griffin: A+

Matt Barnes: A-

Iman Shumpert: B

Chandler Parsons: C-

BTW- My favorite Kimmel sketch ever


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