Kicker returns his own kick for a touchdown. AGAINST MARIST.

It’s not often that my school get national recognition in the sports world. We got on the sports center top 10 last year twice and it was like the biggest thing that has ever happened to us athletically. So when I was scrolling through the internet late last night looking for stories to write for you people, I saw the same thing keep popping up. Dayton kicker returns kick for touchdown. Fine, that seems like a cool video and all but I’m not gunna write a whole blog about it. Then I remembered, we played dayton for our homecoming game last weekend. So I clicked and THERE WE WERE. Marist Football, quite possibly the biggest joke of a team in all of college sports. This could only happen to us. Only Marist football could give the KICKER of the other team a touchdown. For those of you outside the Marist community reading this, you might not get it because you can’t really wrap your head around how big of a joke our team is but let me tell you. We SUCK. Everybody makes fun of the football team here. I honestly have no fucking clue why you’d want to play Marist football. Anyway, I just thought I’d throw up this blog about this video that’s been dominating the top spot on Reddit the last few days, but most of all, I got to give y’all a little looksie into what goes on in Po-town.

Go Red Foxes!!!!

BTW- and go on and read up on Marist Men’s Soccer if you wanna read some real pro-style writing from cha-boy Odawg (shameless plug)


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