Obligatory Jets post-game blog

Well this one sucked to watch. I told myself that I’d only watch like the first quarter or so and then I’d go home and do homework and study and shit. Well of course the Jets made me change that. Of course they made me believe they actually had a shot at winning early on. Taking a 10-7 lead. Dick tease of the century. The broncos scored 17 unanswered and I was juuuuuust about to give up and stop watching but the Jets, being the Jets didn’t just lose, they made me sit through it and watch by scoring another tuddy and then ripped my heart out at the end.

The reason the Jets lost this game was because of 3 things. The secondary, the running game but most dreadful of all the Offensive Line. It’s getting pathetic how bad they are. This used to be a line that had pro-bowlers and and All-Pro’s and we could do whatever we wanted and you couldn’t do anything about it. Now it’s just pathetic. Now, our line is made up of past their prime Vets (Ferguson, Mangold, Colon), a terrible free agent signing (Breno Giacomini), and two terrible projects that haven’t panned out (Brian Winters and Oday Aboushi).

I really didn’t wanna blog this game. This game was pretty simple. We weren’t as good as the Broncos. Bad teams don’t beat good teams. Today’s loss really doesn’t hurt that much, it just woulda been awesome if we won but we all knew it wasn’t happening.

BTW- Imagine if you bet the Jets. the spread was 9 1/2 and Geno throws a pick 6 at the end to make the score 24-17 to 31-17.

On to New England…….


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