New York Rangers Season Preview (Part 4): The Return of The King

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Part 4: The Return of The King

It would be naive of me to write this blog with out mentioning our lord and savior. Our King. Henrik Lundqvist. That’s why I saved the best for last. I could slobber over Lundqvist the same way Yankee fans slobber over Jeter (yea I fit in a Jeter comment, so what, lick me), but here are the facts. Lundqvist is without question a top 3 goalie in the NHL (I think #1 but I don’t want to get in to that debate). He’s the best goalie the Rangers have ever had. He is better in the playoffs than any other net minder I’ve ever seen. He’s bound to go through a rough stretch at some point in the season, but we can’t ever push the panic button because, well, it’s Henrk. And in Henrik we trust…….Oh yea, and he’s GORGEOUS. We will go as far as King Henrik the first takes us, and I’m 110% certain that trip has a good chance of going to the promise land. Henrik Lundqvist, so hot right now, Henrik Lundqvist.

Overall, this should be a fun season to watch. Our aspirations for a metropolitan division championship and even possibly another eastern conference championship (knock on wood), are not out of the question. It’s going to be tough too. We won’t be a juggurnaught, but that’ll make it all the more fun. There will be ups- downs- ins- outs. Personally, I CAN’T WAIT. The March for the cup begins….now.

GET JACKED UP!!!!!!!! HOCKEY’S BACK!!!!!!!!!

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