Monday wrap-up: Jets Suck + #FuckGate

So I’ll make this quick because there really aren’t that many words to describe how that game went yesterday. Actually there is an exact number. The amount of synonyms for the word awful is 35. Let’s ands in shitty and pathetic as well, just for fun. Chris Ivory (and for 1 run Chris Johnson) are apparently the only people who can do anything for this team. Our secondary got destroyed. We did get a few sacks and got pressure as always. But in the end, well……we suck.

This is really all you need to know about how yesterday’s game turned out.

TBL- Geno Smith was mostly abysmal in the Jets’ 24-17 loss to the Lions Sunday, and the fans screamed for backup Mike Vick to enter the game because the starter was so inept. Smith had two crucial second half turnovers as the Jets fell to 1-3.As Smith was leaving the field, a fan was taunting him, and Smith yelled back, “Fuck You.” Naturally, cameras caught the F-bomb, and it’ll be a storyline this week ahead of a trip to the San Diego Chargers (who will be 3-1 if they defeat the Jaguars). There’s absolutely on chance the Jets make the playoffs if they fall to 1-4 – remember, they host Peyton Manning the following week, and then travel to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Yes, 1-6 is well within reach.

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it.

I for one don’t really care about it. Obviously the NFL and the media will because there are some people who are offended by it. I just think it’s ridiculous that Geno called it “part of his learning curve”. Really? You didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to tell fans to go fuck themselves? I’m pretty sure I learned I couldn’t do that about 5 minutes after I learned the word fuck.

I’m hating myself more and more every week for saying I’d rather have Geno and Eli. Maybe it’s part of my learning curve as a blogger. But I’m absolutely positive Baca won’t let me live it down

Grades for yesterday’s game

Offense: D

Defense: B

Special Teams: C

BTW- This is for you Geno. Just so you can learn what the word means

And in case you didn’t get it

Now on to the 3-1 Bolts


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