Jets vs Bears tonight: This could get ugly

I HATE when the Jets play on national television. It’s a recipe for disaster. We either do something awesome and nobody pays us any mind saying its only the Jets, or we’ll do something idiodic (much more likely) and we’ll be the laughingstock of the NFL until the end of time (see buttfumble). This one might get out of hand early. Rex is gunna have to come up with his greatest defensive scheme since the Pats game in 2010 divisional round. Obviously this game isn’t top this magnitude but the matchup is just awful.

The Bears offense is not the greatest show on turf by any means, but it’s the clowns we have covering these guys that is going to kill us. I’ll just get to the preview.

Only 1 key this week

Jets Secondary vs Bears Wideouts: This is where the game is going to start and end. We got TORCHED by Rodgers and Nelson last week and that was our ultimate downfall. We need to make significant progress and fast. I think this is leaning towards disaster more than anything else, but who know, with sexy rexy as the signal caller, anything is possible

Prediction: I’m gunna talk myself into this one being a close one, even though every time I think it’ll be a big game for us on Monday night, it turns into an ass beating. We need to shut down Marshall, make an injured Alshon Jeffry beat us. We also need to get to Cutler, because cutler is by know means as poised as Rodgers was. Cutler will start firing off throws if he feels a little pressure, and hey, that might even end up helping us. We NEED to dominate the ground game. Ground and pound, take time off the clock, wear them down, no rhythm to the game. I just convinced myself the Jets are gunna win.


Jets: 17



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