Redskins vs. Eagles & Chris Baker

Wow what an electric game. Whenever you’re watching a division game, you know it’s gonna be good. Especially when it’s the NFC East, which in my opinion is the most competitive division in the NFL. No, not the best, not the most talented, but definitely the most competitive. Any time those teams play each other, the game is completely up for grabs. The entire division is going to finish between 6-10 and 10-6. The entire division shows sparks of talent but is never consistent. The entire division does not have a team that’s a legitimate super bowl threat. And the entire division drives their fans absolutely crazy. As a die hard Giants fan I can attest to that.

This game was a roller coaster ride for me. At the start of the game I was pulling for the Redskins because I think the Eagles are a bigger threat to the Giants than Washington. Also, I like Kirk Cousins and think he’s a better QB than RGIII. After DeSean Jackson caught that 81 yard touchdown pass in the 3rd quarter and started celebrating and taunting before he got into the end zone, I was sick to my stomach. I couldn’t root for his team, not after that. DeSean Jackson is one of my least favorite people on the planet. I genuinely dislike him and would really enjoy it if he sustained a career ending injury and got out of the NFL. He’s a disrespectful punk, I have no respect for him and the way he carries himself. I would’ve liked to see someone on the Eagles to take the penalty and put a huge hit on him after he scored that TD. Also I would’ve liked to see God smite DeSean Jackson with a lightning bolt from the heavens, but I don’t think thats how He does business.

As the game progressed I got over it and started pulling for the Redskins again, because as I said before I think the Eagles are more of a threat to my G-Men. But once again I changed my mind, because of Chris Baker, the Redskins nose tackle. He committed one of the dirtiest penalties I have ever seen. Foles threw an interception and during the return as defensive back Bashaud Breeland was being brought to the ground, Baker absolutely destroyed Nick Foles with a late, blind-side block. Chris Baker is 6’2″ 330 pounds, and one of the biggest and strongest players in the NFL. His hit on Foles was nothing more than a malicious cheap shot. Luckily, Foles was not injured but he stayed on the ground for a long time. After the hit, like any good offensive lineman would do, Eagle’s left tackle Jason Peters protected his quarterback. He went after Baker and gave him a strong and very well deserved shove to the face mask which started a brawl. Peters and Baker were both ejected and their penalties offset. After review the interception was overturned and the Eagles kept the ball.

Here’s the play:

I hope Baker is suspended and severely fined for that hit. Theres no defense for what he did. Breeland was pretty much already down when he made the cheap hit and Foles was far away from the play, not even close to a threat to the ball carrier. It was such a dirty play only meant to injure the quarterback. I guess it was appropriate for the officials to eject Peters as well but if they receive the same or even similar punishments from the NFL I will be very pissed. Maybe fine Peters like 10k if he violated league protocol but he was sticking up for his teammate. To put it in elementary school terms, Baker started it. I want to see Baker suspended for 1-2 games and fined 100k. That kind of play cannot be tolerated at all. However, this puts Goodell in between a rock and a hard place. If he’s tough on Baker and suspends him, he’ll be criticized for being strict with this unnecessary roughness penalty but initially being soft on Ray Rice for domestic violence. If he’s not tough on Baker I’d hope that there’s some kind of uproar. Or maybe nobody else cares as much as I do, and I can’t start an uproar by myself. One person uproars have never been successful.


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