Harvey Hit 95 on the Gun: Have Fun Next Year NL East

(Source)-During the session, the Mets put a radar gun on Harvey for the first time since he underwent Tommy John surgery on Oct. 22, 2013. Harvey was reaching 95 mph “pretty consistently,” Alderson said, even though the right-hander was not throwing at 100 percent.

Oh he wasn’t even going hard? And still hitting 95 a few months after Tommy John? Lol, the Mets are gonna be so awesome to watch next year. Harvey, deGrom, Wheeler, Niese and Gee straight up comin’ into your ballparks next year and giving up no more than 3 runs a start. You heard it here first. New York Mets, 2015 NL East champs (after we trade Matz, Montero and Syndergaard for Giancarlo Stanton and David Wright comes back to life and Wilmer Flores becomes the best SS ever).

2015 NL East Predictions:

New York  162-0

Washington 86-76

Miami 81-81

Atlanta 70-92

Philadelphia 0-162


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