R.I.P. 2014 New York Mets: April 1st 2014- September 12th 2014 (but it was a fun ride right?)

Some wrote off the Mets on April 1st, some before that. Some wrote us off in May and some by the All Star Break (Baca). But I always stayed cautiously optimistic (sometimes not so cautious). Sure, it’s not in my nature as a Met fan to believe when I had no business believing, but it was something about this team that just kept me going. There was the emergence of Juanny Baseball (patent pending), there was Jacob deGrom lighting the whole world on fire and probably giving the Mets our first rookie of the year since Doc and Darryl gave us back to back winners in ’83 and ’84. There was Lucas Duda blasting home runs that are still traveling. The pitching staff was electric, the team chemistry was fun to watch, and it always seemed like they would give you a reason to watch the next game. This team made me laugh, cry and everything in between. What they lacked in “talent” they made up for in heart. This team reminded me of a different team. This team reminded me of the 2005 Mets. They were a young bunch. David Wright and Jose Reyes had just come on to the scene. It was a young team that was juuust learning how to win. There was a great group of players. The bullpen was lights out, and it seemed like we were on the edge. That what it feels like now. Our vets like David Wright, Daniel Murphey and Curtis Granderson are playing mentor roles to guys like Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, Juan Lagares and Lucas Duda who are ready to be all stars. I say it every year but this more than any. We’re 1 piece away. 1 more bat in the lineup will not make us a powerhouse but it will make us a contender. Everybody knows our pitching is going to lead us, but if our hitting can just try and keep up we really have a shot at this thing next year. I know, I know, this is a typical next year Mets blog, but there are times I’m talking out my ass and times where I truly believe what I’m saying. We Will have the best rotation in the MLB next year hands down. End of Story. Why should we count ourselves out now? Healthy David Wright? Healthy Matt Harvey? Zach Wheeler and Jacob deGrom? No more Chris Young? Hey, why not us? And if you wanna laugh this blog off, just think about this. Who legitimately thought the Mets would be playing meaningful baseball into mid-September?

Ya gotta believe.

If you aren’t pumped for spring training after watching this, you are not a mets fan.


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