Giants 2014 Season Preview

I am excited. It’s gameday. A new season. A fresh start.

Eli will return to old form. Victor Cruz will establish himself as a number one receiver in the league. The secondary will be top 10. Rashad Jennings will be a top 10 back.

Those are things I’m confident about. Things that scare me …

The offensive line. We got help. The help got hurt. Fuck.

The front 7. Could very easily have the worst pass rush/run defense in the league.

This season can go one of two ways. Either 6-10 or 10-6. We play the AFC South, a division we should go 3-1 against (beating Houston, Tennessee, and Jacksonville … losing to Indianapolis). The NFC East sucks. 3 very overrated quarterbacks in Romo, RGIII, and Foles. If the offense gets to proficient numbers, this team will win the division and grab a 3 or 4 seed.

Godspeed. Go Football. Go Giants.



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