Bye Bye Ray Rice

Ray Rice has officially been cut from the Baltimore Ravens. His contract has been terminated and he has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely. All of this happened because the video of him striking his then-fiance, who is now his wife, has been released. This is huge. The Ravens should be applauded (maybe). They have shown great integrity in their decision (maybe), it’s not easy to cut one of the best running backs in the league. The loss of Ray Rice could very well eliminate any hopes of success for Baltimore this year. Rice’s ban also shows how bad Roger Goodell messed up with his original decision of a 2 game suspension. Now here’s where my (maybe)’s come in. One of the biggest things that came to my mind when I heard about this: Did Goodell or the Ravens see this video before it was released to the public? I hope not. This could go VERY bad for the commissioner and/or Baltimore if there is any evidence that they saw this video before Goodell decided to suspend “Sugar” Ray Rice for a measly two games. I hope that Goodell and the Ravens saw this video after Rice’s original sanctions were given, and decided to act. If this is not the truth, and it is found that either the Ravens or the commissioner saw this video before it was released, then maybe Ray Rice isn’t the only person who should be suspended indefinitely.

The video is pretty disturbing, Ray strikes her very hard. Honestly, a man of his strength could have seriously injured, even killed the poor woman with a blow like that. Unfortunately, domestic violence affects so many people, and it’s really terrible how often professional athletes are guilty of such a horrible crime. I strongly believe that these athletes and even personnel should be held to a much higher standard. If some John Doe hit his fiancé instead of Ray Rice, the crime itself is no less horrific, but because this is Ray Rice, a national celebrity, the video has been seen by millions. How is a parent supposed to explain something like this to their children? Professional athletes are very blessed, they make a lot of money for playing a sport they love, which is really great for them. They can easily provide for themselves and their loved ones and live an incredible life, a life so many dream to have. However, with that spotlight and fame comes great responsibility, a responsibility that proved to be too much for Ray Rice, and many others to handle. I hope because this has gotten such extensive national attention, there will be less domestic violence in the world. That sure would be a nice silver-lining to a such an appalling act.

Here’s a link to the video:


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