A 51 year old fat dude took down a 21 year old in an MMA fight. Mind. Blown.

How awesome is this. I’ll be lucky if I’m even alive at 53, let alone kicking ass in an MMA arena. And the best part about this video I think is not just the fact that the dude is 53, but the fact that he actually looks 53. He looks like he just got off the couch after watching football and is like 4 beers deep and has eaten like 20 wings. The gut of glory is taking down the 21 year old pretty boy. MMA is the best for this type of stuff because every week there’s a new crazy video. I wouldn’t be shocked if next week it’s like a midget taking down a 600 pound sumo wrestler or something. I’ll never pay to watch an MMA match, but I’ll troll Reddit for days watching these. Midgets and fat old guys. Just how I pictured this blog going when I started it.


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