Where the fuck is Dimitri Patterson?

Have you seen this man?
Have you seen this man?

FLORHAM PARK – The Jets have indefinitely suspended cornerback Dimitri Patterson, afterhe was absent without an excuse for Friday night’s preseason game against the Giants.Jets general manager John Idzik and head coach Rex Ryan met with Patterson on Sunday night at the team’s facility, following practice. They talked with him about what happened Friday. Idzik declined to detail the conversation, though he indicated that Patterson did offer an explanation for Friday’s absence.

It wasn’t until Saturday that the Jets were able to ascertain — by talking to Patterson’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus — that Patterson was unharmed. Patterson, a presumptive starter whom the Jets signed in the offseason, was not present at Sunday’s practice. He was also not present Monday, since he is suspended.

If this doesn’t scream New York Jets, I don’t know what does. A starting cornerback, a guy who we just inked to a 3 million dollar deal, just up and decides that he doesn’t wanna play in a game. Doesn’t wanna go practice, play in games, or even fucking tell anybody where he is? Who does that??? Oh yea, the Jets. Quite honestly if I’m Dimitri Patterson I wouldn’t show up anymore either. I’m looking at the guys playing next to me and my schedule and I’d probably just say “Fuck it. I’m out” too. Do you think Patterson wants to face Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler (and Brandon Marshall), Matt Stafford (and Calvin Johnson), Phillip Rivers, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in consectutive weeks?!? Yes, that is who will be picking the Jets secondary apart for 6 consecutive weeks. What Patterson is doing is sly. It’s a preemptive strike. He’s breaking up with the Jets before they can ruin his career but putting him in a ridiculously unfair position. I just can’t wait to see how this plays out.


Dimitri Patterson friday

Dimitri Patterson today

Btw-Why couldn’t we get Mark Sanchez to do this????


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