Tiger not making the Ryder cup team should shock nobody

Tiger Woods said Wednesday that he has withdrawn his name from consideration for one of Tom Watson‘s at-large picks for the U.S. Ryder Cup team. Woods, who had back surgery on March 31 and performed poorly in four tournaments after returning — including a withdrawal during the final round of the Bridgestone Invitational — had not been ruled out by Watson, who said Monday that Woods would be given time to assess his own medical situation and game.

Anybody who actually thinks that tiger is actually withdrawing his name on this is actually retarted. Tiger Woods SUCKS at golf, and that’s coming from a guy who regularly flirts with triple digits. Tiger just is not one of the top American players, let alone best players in the world. So when everybody started talking about the Ryder Cup, Tom Watson, the classiest guy in a sport of classy guys said and did the right thing. He said that Tiger had a spot on the team if he wanted it, but I guarentee that he went right to Tiger and said “there’s no shot in hell you’re making this team, tell everybody whatever you want, as long as you remove yourself from consideration”. Maybe that wasn’t a word for word quote but you get the jist. Tiger Woods is no longer an elite golfer. He’s still a good golfer, he’s just not great like he once was. He’s 95% cortisone and is 1 back surgery away from being considered a robotic man. The Ryder cup really isn’t that big of a deal, but it is really just another checkpoint in the long slow fall from grace.


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