Kobe going hard on this Asian kid in 1 on 1

This video popped up of Kobe playing full court 1 on 1 with an Asian kid at a nike hoops camp. It’s really not that important that the kid is Asian, it just kinda helps the headline. The kid is actually pretty good, it’s just when you play a professional athlete, it doesn’t matter what race you are (except maybe black) you’re gunna get your ass kicked. I’ve actually thought about this before, what would be my strategy if I played a pro basketball player, and I don’t think I’d do that bad. The thing is, I wouldn’t be trying to win, I’d just be going for as many points as I can get. So I’d just be jacking up points from the 3 point line until a few started raining in. That’s where this kid fucked up. He tried to play Kobe’s game and he lost. You can’t take Kobe’s game to Kobe or Kobe will shut it down. He’s not gunna take it easy whether you’re an Asian kid at a basketball camp or LeBron James. Kobe does Kobe. 2s beat 1s. That’s how it works. That’s how white people play son. Get on my level. I’m calling Kobe out. Mono e Mono. Mamba vs Odawg.


BTW- Who plays full court 1 on 1. Jabronies and asians. That’s who. Clearly they don’t know how we play it in the hood. Halfcourt. Make it take it. Call your own fouls. No wins on a 2. 


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