Jeremy Hefner re-tearing his elbow just scared the shit out of me for Matt Harvey.

NEW YORK — Hefner had Tommy John surgery on Aug. 28 of last year, about two months before Harvey underwent the procedure. Hefner had progressed to throwing in minor league games, making six appearances, but he suffered a setback in his last start and was diagnosed Monday with a reinjury to the ligament in his right elbow. He might undergo reconstructive surgery again.Alderson acknowledged that what happened with Hefner is rare and wouldn’t necessarily apply to Harvey’s situation. At the same time, what happened with Hefner has given the Mets another chance to convince Harvey to slow things down.

This is just classic Mets. I thought that maybe just maaaayyybe because we have like 60 young arms that we would just for once be Mets proof. That even the curse of the Mets couldn’t stop all of our young pitching. Now it’s just crumbling like a house of cards. First Harvey gets Tommy John, Niese seems like he’s just going to be a shell of himself, deGrom has shoulder tendinitis, Montero gives up a home run every 5 minutes and I’m 92.6% sure that the Mets forgot that Noah Syndergaard is in their system. This is the Mets most hyped group of young players since generation K (that DID NOT work out). But Jeremy Hefner getting hurt is fucking killing me. Every 4 days Harvey’s been getting on a mound, and every 4 days the signs have been all positive. But now, now I have NO FUCKING CLUE what to expect. I’m up sweating at night, praying that harvey doesn’t step on the mound opening day next year throwing 85 MPH fastballs. We’re ready to win, I’ve seen it this year. But Harvey is at the core of that. We need Harvey to be at least CLOSE to what he was last year. Harvey, Wheeler, deGrom, Niese, Syndergaard, Gee. All those guys need to be healthy for us to make a run next year. But Hefner getting hurt is litterally making me shit my pants. Red Alert, KEEP HARVEY SAFE.


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