Cha boy’s fantasy football draft is tomorrow. The war room is explosive tonight: Odawgs Fantasy football preview

Alright, so I’ve got my fantasy draft tomorrow and this year is the year. Last year, that little shit Matt Stafford fucked me in the semifinals, but this year I have a whole new plan. The war room is on fire tonight. Should I pick a QB first? When do I get a Tight end? Who’s gunna break out at receiver? Well don’t worry friends, tonight I’m giving my very own fantasy preview.

So I ran through a few mock drafts tonight ya know, to get ready for tomorrow because fuck fresh air. After looking over the mocks and how I did I’m ready to release some secret expertise for the season. (I came in 3rd place in my league last year and the year and 4th the year before it sooooo yea, I know what I’m talking about.

Biggest early round steals:

WR: Brandon Marshal (rounds late 2- early 3): Dude had a MONSTER year last year. Drops down this low because people are afraid of WR’s but Cutler to Marshall is straight FIRE

WR: AJ Green (late 2): Andy Dalton sucks in the clutch. Luckily th clutch doesn’t matter in fantasy. AJ Green is a huge downfield threat and a reliable option for dalton. Will proabably put up a 1,500 yds season.

RB: Jamal Charles (top 5): If Charles falls to you at like 5 or 6 it’s like landing a dime piece. I suggest top 2. Fast. Explosive. Durible. Cums points.

RB: Ben Tate (late 3- early 4): guy was huge last year in houston where things were a fucking TRAINWRECK. Cleveland is gunna be running the ball a lot and tate has a chance to put up BIG numbers. Could be a good #2 or flex

QB: Mathew Stafford: Every year I pick Stafford and every year he fucks me late in the season. But every year he’s hanging around in the late 4th and deep into the 5th that makes him so enticing. If you aren’t going for QB round 1, Stafford is a second tier option

QB: Nick Foles: (late 5- mid 6): Nick Foles put up big numbers last year and mastered Kelly’s fast paced offense real quick. He lost Jackson but what makes Foles a good chance is that he will run so many plays in Kelly’s system. More plays=More points

Late round steals:

QB: Jay Cutler (late 11- mid 12): Cutler can either be going 2 ways. Great or terribly  inconsistent. But he gives you a good late round backup because of the upside

WR: Tavon Austin (mid 13- early 14): Austin gets Sam Bradford back for the full season and has the ability to become a great fantasy receiver. Plus he’s the #1 receiver on his team and that’s rare to find in this round.

RB: Andre Williams (13-14): Williams is my “SLEEPER OF THE DRAFT”. Sadly, David Wilson’s career was cut short, but now Andre Williams is going to be stepping into a #1 back role right away. Pick Andre Williams. He’s Odawg guarenteed.

I’ll update y’all tomorrow on how I managed to fuck up my draft after acting like an expert for a few minutes.





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